Andy Anand Handmade Chocolates

Andy Anand Luxury hand made chocolates with a difference. All Chocolates are made with natural ingredients, without any preservatives or chemicals. Taste completely different from machine made candies. There is one word to describe Andy Anand Chocolates .... 'Divine'



Made of Hand-Sorted carefully aged Beans


All Natural

Made of All Natural and Fresh Ingredients



The Chocolate Mixture is all Handmade



15% of Sales goes to provide Free Education for Kids

What our customers say

I am a chocoholic and try every Truffle I can get my hands on. To be perfect, they have to be creamy like silk on the inside and melt in your mouth. These were fantastic! I will not hesitate to shop again, for special gifts, or just for ME!!

Linda Guthrie

This chocolate assortment was absolutely FABULOUS!!! Rich and creamy smooth dark chocalates that just melted in your mouth. Had the high quality taste of expensive chocolates. I finished the whole box in 2 days!!! YUMMY!!!

Cynthia Henry

Andy Anand Chocolates is my go-to for chocolate. His chocolate truffles were so popular, people were begging for more. I will always trust her to provide chocolate goodies for my business and personal functions. Piece, Love, and Chocolate!!!!

Dana Lorem

About Us

Our focus is to make a difference, a little difference that we can make in someone's life. We donate 100% of our profits to run free schools and non profit activities. We are all here on this planet for a little while, let's make a difference while we are here. Strive for one difference daily, make 1 difference in someone's life or plant 1 flower or plant 1 seed or help someone to grow. Let each one of us make a difference in the beautiful world around us.ย