A Tasty Treat

Chocolates are our common Halloween and Christmas treats, giveaways in certain parties, and a perfect gift for everyone especially in Valentines season. But one of our most favorite chocolate flavors is Dark chocolate. We just love the Dark chocolate’s bittersweet taste made by its cocoa and sugar contents. Dark chocolate also makes the best snack to have when we’re bored, stressed, or bothered by something. It helps us relieve or somehow forget our stress and problems for a moment. But are Dark chocolates healthy for us?

The Dark chocolates are said to be the healthiest among all chocolates, this is because Dark chocolate contains a small amount of sugar unlike other chocolates. Dark chocolates are 85% pure chocolate or cocoa, it also contains 7 grams of sugar, and that makes one bar of chocolate have 136 calories only. But before you munch over a bar of Dark chocolate there, it is important first to know that Dark chocolate also contains caffeine. All chocolates have caffeine content but Dark chocolates have the most amount of caffeine compared to other chocolates because of its high cocoa content. For every Dark chocolate bar, there are 19 milligrams of caffeine in it, so we should be aware every time we eat chocolates because this can affect our daily caffeine intake and too much caffeine is also bad for our health.

Are you wondering, what does Dark chocolate contain that it helps us calm down from extreme stress? Well, the answer to that is very simple; this is because Dark chocolates are rich in Tryptophan. Tryptophan is an amino acid that also helps as a precursor to serotonin. So by ingesting or eating Dark chocolate, you are improving your serotonin level that makes you happy and calm, but also if too much tryptophan is taken, it is common that it can cause to sugar rush or being extremely hyper.

Aside from chocolate and sugar, dark chocolates are also rich in nutrients and minerals. Some of these are fiber, iron, magnesium, copper, manganese and a few more. These minerals make the dark chocolate healthy for our body and it proves that it is the healthiest type of chocolate present. Another benefit of Dark chocolate is its Flavanols. The flavanols helps the arteries of the heart to relax and that can make our blood pressure decrease a bit. Flavanols does not only help us with decreasing our blood pressure but also with improving our blood flow in our body, protecting us from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun, and improving our brain functioning.

Now we know that the Dark chocolate’s benefits isn’t all about being a delicious and tasty treat, Dark chocolate can also be our health benefit companion in life too. But we should always remember to only eat Dark chocolate moderately and not too much, because if we do, those health benefits can turn into diseases. We should always enjoy and live our life; you didn’t have fun in your life if you hadn’t eaten a scrumptious Dark chocolate.