Andy Anand Deliciously Indulgent Sugar Free Carrot Cake - Delight in Every Bite (3.2 lbs)

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🍰Indulge in the heavenly goodness of our freshly baked Sugar-Free Cake - the best Classic Cake you'll ever taste! Satisfy your cravings without the guilt of added sugar. Made with premium ingredients, this delectable dessert is a true masterpiece. Each slice of our Sugar-Free Carrot Cake is meticulously crafted to perfection. From the creamy texture to the rich flavor, every bite is a delight for your taste buds. Whether you're a Cake connoisseur or a dessert lover seeking a guilt-free treat, our Sugar-Free option is a game-changer.

🍰Forget the hassle of searching for the best Carrot Cake near you. With our convenient Cake delivery service, you can enjoy our mouthwatering creation right at your doorstep. No need to leave the comfort of your home; simply order our Sugar-Free Carrot Cake online and let us handle the rest. We take pride in offering a wide range of flavors and options, but our best Classic Cake with fresh Carrot stands out as a crowd favorite. Its timeless appeal and unforgettable taste keep customers coming back for more.

🍰Whether you're celebrating a special occasion, treating yourself, or looking for a perfect gift box for a diabetic dessert lover, our Sugar-Free Carrot Cake is the ideal choice. It's a guilt-free indulgence that satisfies your dessert cravings while aligning with your dietary preferences. Don't settle for subpar options. Trust the experts in the field and experience the excellence of our freshly baked Sugar-Free Cake. With just a few clicks, you can order the best Classic Cake online and enjoy a slice of pure bliss.

🍰So why wait? Discover the joy of our Sugar-Free Carrot Cake today. Place your order online and let us delight you with our scrumptious creation. Experience the convenience, the taste, and the satisfaction that comes with every bite. Our diabetic friendly desserts are crafted with love and attention to detail, ensuring a delightful experience for everyone. Order now and treat yourself or your loved ones to a truly exceptional dessert that combines the delicious flavors of Carrot and Cake.

🍰Satisfaction Guaranteed: Your satisfaction is paramount to us. Email us with any issues with the product or the delivery. We have satisfied customers over 30 years and value your relationship.

🍰 Make a difference: Our focus is to make a difference, a little difference that we can make in someone's life. All of our profits go to run schools and non profit activities at education without boundaries, a 501(c)(3).All of us are here on this planet for a little while, let's make a difference while we are here. Strive for one difference daily, make 1 difference in someone's life or plant 1 flower. Let's make this little world a better place, 1 step every day.

 🍰All Cakes Are Handmade Using Traditional Methods, Resulting in Slight Variations and Uniqueness in Each Cake. Upon Receipt, It's Recommended to Freeze the Cakes Promptly. They Are Free from Any Artificial Chemicals or Preservatives, Ensuring Freshness and Quality.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews

Always perfect. From ease of ordering to delivered delicious product as promised
. I love this company and tell everyone how great it is.

Constance Squires

Cake was moist, tasty, and beautifully presented. It arrived in perfect condition. We are enjoying leftover pieces which we have stored in the freezer.

Ronald Wolff
Cake to die for. (If you eat to much)

Best cakes - Upside down pineapple and carot cake…What a TREAT
Ron Wolff

My favorite day is when I receive my newest light blue box...

I discovered Andy Anand's website about a year ago on Amazon and for the first time in almost 15 years I began to truly enjoy sweet treats again. After having weight loss surgery because of medical conditions my only side effect is an extreme reaction to sugar, limiting me to a maximum of 8-10g every 2-3 hours.
I discovered you can find nearly anything in a Sugar-Free version but few taste close to what it is pretending to be. After so long of settling I had forgotten how much I was settling until I opened my first light blue box.
Expensive yes, but it is well worth the cost and remember you are not only getting an exceptional treat you are also helping kids as you are supporting a 501c charity for children, like buying wrapping paper or cookie dough during local school fundraisers.
I indulge in a slice of Sugar-Free cheesecake every night before bed and treat myself to a slice of Sugar-Free cake once or twice a week as an afternoon treat (I repackage into individual slices storing them in my freezer), and keep Sugar-Free candies & chocolates on hand for those cravings that hit from nowhere.
Whether you are chocolate lover, love anything sweet, just want a special treat, or you're looking dessert for an event Andy Anand's likely has what you need or they can make it.
My review are rarely given and written based solely on my purchases, which are frequent.
Although the Sugar-Free Carrot Cake is not my favorite (that would be the Sugar-Free Red Velvet and Cookies & Cream Cheesecakes) it is an excellent afternoon treat, wonderful flavor, texture, and not overly sweet.


This was a gift for My cousin in Alabama. He is trying not to eat much sugar. So for his birthday I thought I would try this, he says it’s good. Sent me picks each day of how much he ate. The was an issue with shipping . We don’t live in the same states,possibly my fault, but doesn’t matter as the company was able to redirect it to Alabama. For these reason I give high marks. My cousin is happy and the company helped me.