Our endeavors are to make a difference, a little difference we can make in someone's life. Our Parent corporation is non-profit 501c3, In hiring and employment we give preference to the Handicap and disabled, to give light in the life of someone in need. We are all here on this planet for a little while, let's make a difference while we are here.
Strive for what Andy Anand Says one difference daily, let's strive for 1 difference in someone's life plant 1 flower, plant 1 seed or help. Help someone grow. Let's make a difference.

We are a company with a focus on spreading POSITIVITY around the world through collaboration and inspiration. Our Main goal is Education for Children.

15 Schools

We run Free Schools to Educate Poor Children.


Over $2 million Donated to 50+ Charities by Donating School Books and Supplies.


6,700 hours contributed by employee volunteer efforts.