The Perfect Milky snack

When you’re craving for a sweet and tasty snack, I know that milk chocolate are the ones that first come up to our minds. Milk Chocolates are the most common and usual chocolates that we eat and buy. These milk chocolate are our favorite gifts to give to people on Holiday season, especially when Valentine’s Day is almost up. But aren’t you wondering? How did people before come up with the idea of adding milk to pure cocoa chocolates?

Nowadays, many brands and manufacturers of chocolate are known and famous because of the milk chocolate that they make. But after pure cocoa chocolate bars were invented, milk chocolate didn’t appear that quick, it was 1847 when Joseph Fry first made a modern chocolate bar. In the 17th century, liquid milk was being frequently added to chocolate beverages, and in 1875, that’s what made Daniel Peter, a Swiss chocolatier, add the newly invented powdered milk to a chocolate bar, and that’s what made a milk chocolate bar.

Milk Chocolate today are now made of chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, sugar, flavorings, and milk, but how is it made? Well, that’s an easy question to answer, first, milk, sugar, and all other sweet ingredients are mixed up together. Then after mixing it, the mixture will be gently combined with the chocolate ingredients like chocolate liquor and cocoa powder. After combining both mixtures for enough time, the result would be dry and crumbly powdered milk chocolate. While the last and final stage of making milk chocolate is called conching. Conching is a process of mixing all the substances present carefully. Conching is also done in the process of making milk chocolate’s; this makes the chocolate’s flavors to develop or to appear more in taste. The conching process of milk chocolate starts at a low temperature at mixing then it is raised very slowly to help it dry and develop its flavor in heat; and that’s when they start molding it to pieces and packing it to its certain containers to protect it from heat and to maintain its solid figure as a milk chocolate bar for us to enjoy.

I know that milk chocolate is an indulgent and mouth-watering treat for every one of us, nothing and no one can stop us from having a bar of milk chocolate, but let us bear in mind and be attentive that too much of it can harm us slowly without knowing, and let us just enjoy milk chocolate every once in a while.

 Milk chocolate has got us crazy and in love with it through the years, milk chocolate has been the perfect snack to comfort us in every conflicts and problems we need to face, it has been there for everyone during the holidays, and lastly, milk chocolate was always there when we were seeking joy and happiness in our world. Milk chocolate are now loved all over the world and lets share the joy that milk chocolate give to us and let us all be grateful for it.