Andy Anand Keto Fresh Baked Gourmet Blueberry Cake 9" - Sugar Free (2 lbs)

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  • 🍰If You Are What You Eat, Why Not Be Sweet? Introducing Keto Cake Delivery! Our Keto-Friendly Yellow Cake Has 4g Net Carbs* Per Serving, 0g Added Sugar. It's The Perfect Treat For Your Celebrations Or Any Special Occasion. Our 9" Keto Cakes Are Delicious, Diabetes-Friendly, And Made With Wholesome Ingredients. Enjoy The Flavor And Guilt-Free Indulgence With Each Bite. Order Now And Experience The Joy Of Savoring A Cake That's Not Only Keto-Friendly But Also A Culinary Masterpiece.
  • 🍰This Traditional Keto Cake Is Sure To Make Anyone’s Taste Buds Tingling With Delight! The Rich Creamy Flavor Is Sure To Make You Start Craving More! You’ll Be Pleasantly Surprised By The Richness Of The Taste! The Symphony Of Flavors Will Burst In Your Mouth.
  • 🍰Handcrafted Excellence: Simple, Classic, And Delicious, The Dessert Measures 9 Inches In Diameter And Weighs 2 Pounds, Our Artisan Bakers Masterfully Creating An Addictive, Melt-In-Your-Mouth Texture That Hooks Customers From The First Bite.
  • 🍰The Perfect Present For Your Loved Ones! Make Your Loved Ones' Special Day Even More Fun! This Tasty Cake Is 2 Pounds. Every Bite Offers A Burst Of Flavor That Is Sure To Keep Your Friend’s Taste Buds Tingling With Delight!
  • 🍰No Sugar, No Problem: This Blueberry Cake Is Truly One Of A Kind, And It Offers A Perfect Balance Between Rich Flavor And Creamy Softness. An Exquisite Treat That Guarantees A Heavenly Dessert Experience For All.
  •  🍰All Cakes Are Handmade Using Traditional Methods, Resulting in Slight Variations and Uniqueness in Each Cake. Upon Receipt, It's Recommended to Freeze the Cakes Promptly. They Are Free from Any Artificial Chemicals or Preservatives, Ensuring Freshness and Quality.

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Customer Reviews

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My mother loved it as her 60th birthday party cake!

Elvis Aragundi
Great cake

Delicious cake enjoyed by all.

Yan Ma
Birthday made special

My husband and I can’t have sugar and high carb. For his big bier we’re so happy to have found this sweet that makes and delivers keto friendly cake - better yet it is so delicious we loved it! Thank you and we will be back!

John S.
Good Stuff

This blueberry sugar-free, low-carb cake is very good and very moist, the blueberry topping just makes it great!!