Chocolate covered treats -

Special treats that you can give

All out of gift ideas to impress your girlfriend? Looking for a simple, spontaneous gift to "wow" your boyfriend or husband? Why not choose an edible gift that will hypnotize his/her taste buds?

Chocolate covered treats or chocolate dipped candy is a gourmet dessert or snack that comes in a wide variety of different types from chocolate covered nuts and fruits to popular chocolate dipped sweets. They are easy to make, or you can order them online and have them delivered to your loved one. There's nothing like tasting the double dose of the sweet chocolate in your mouth along with the hidden second treat inside. Your partner will be delighted at the chance to eat something new and exotic that they rarely get to try. It will break up the normal routine of their week and love you for being creative.

So, what are some of the best Chocolate covered treats to make, as well as some unique ideas to cover in chocolate that your sweetheart will love?

Chocolate covered fruits are some of the best foods to use because of the contrast in tastes between the chocolate and the tartness of the fruits. Green apples, strawberries and cherries make great delicacies to cover with chocolate. You can mix and match white and dark chocolate for strawberries and cherries or white and milk chocolate for the green apples. Apples are especially fun to make and eat because of all the different toppings choices, from nuts, pieces of candy bars, bits of marshmallows, toffee and more. For an added element of surprise, you can order one or more online and have them sent to their office or straight to home instead. Include a love note to enhance the romantic appeal. Dried fruits make delicious Chocolate covered treats too. Apricots or peaches provide a good offset in taste from the chocolate, and chocolate covered raisins make a great snack.

If you'd like a unique snack for your husband or boyfriend then try a blend of chocolate covered nuts and coffee beans, preferably pecans, peanuts or almonds. Pecans are outstanding if you've never tried them with chocolate! Espresso beans are very tasty and addictive too! You can also cover balls or drops of peanut butter or caramel. Place any of these treats in a decorative tin, along with a well-suited gift tissue paper and perhaps even consider protecting these snacks in a sealed plastic bag to keep them fresh longer.

There are many options to choose from and you can either create the homemade version yourself or just purchase them to save time. No matter which way you choose to do it your girlfriend, wife, boyfriend or husband will be delighted you thought of them enough to go out of your way to make them feel special.