Best Valentine Gift -

Giving the most romantic gift to a man

Valentine's Day is when most guys get their ladies special gifts like flowers and chocolates, but what about the reverse? Should you consider giving these traditionally romantic gifts to your man? Will he actually like them?

The truth is that it really depends on the guy, but in most cases, if you choose more masculine versions of these gifts, you will find that they are very well received. Men enjoy romance as much as women, but often are overlooked when it comes to Valentine's Day. However, if you feel that your sweetheart won't be completely open to receiving flowers as a gift, you can man it up a bit to make the whole thing romantic, but masculine.

A good way to turn a practical gift into the Best Valentine Gift is to wrap it in roses. Take a set of wrenches, for example, and arrange them in a bouquet of roses. Just about any small gift can be given in this manner, tucked into a bouquet, or with roses neatly wrapped around it.

You may also prefer to go with flowers that are romantic but not as feminine as roses. Some good choices include tulips, which are simple and bright enough to please any man, and blooming cacti. Look for flowers that are darker in color and sturdier than the more feminine blooms. Flowers with thicker petals and stronger looks tend to be more popular with males than the delicate flowers that women enjoy.

Chocolate is almost always a big hit and theBest Valentine Gift for male or female. Rather than purchasing a box of elegant filled chocolates, you may have better luck with something a bit more original. There are plenty of novelty chocolate shapes that allow you to give a man something special, like a chocolate sports car or a tool set made of chocolate. While romantic and delicious, this is still something masculine enough to avoid making your guy feel uncomfortable.

Taking normal romantic box of chocolates and turning them as Best Valentine Gift for your guy isn't that difficult. Tuck some sexy handwritten coupons into the box or add some tickets to see his favorite sports team. Or, slip a silky bit of new lingerie into the chocolate box, technically it's for you, but he'll enjoy it even more. Sure, to be a hit!

Other options include almond bark, hot chocolate mixes or alcohol filled chocolates and truffles. If you think he won't really enjoy chocolates in the traditional sense, you might want to contact his mom and get his favorite recipe for chocolate chip cookies. Making them just the way his mother does is sure to win you some points. Plus, nothing says I love you more than homemade cookies!

Men are romantic, though they may not show it very often. They tend to enjoy flowers and chocolates for Valentine's Day just as much as you would, especially if you put a twist on the traditional gift ideas. Don't shy away from giving your man something romantic like flowers gifts or chocolates for Valentine's Day, he'll be surprised, but love it in the end.