All About Chocolate -

From the Aztecs To Us

Chocolate is known all over the world as a sweet and tasty dessert, people would also use it to garnish several kinds of dishes. Everything was All about Chocolate.Throughout all these years, we enjoyed and cherished the delightful taste of chocolate, but do we know where it originally came from?

Way back in the year 450 BC, chocolate was born into our world. The place Mesoamerica had a tribe called Aztecs. Cacao trees first grew in Mesoamerica, Aztecs believed that cacao seeds were a gift from the god of wisdom, Quetzalcoatl. Aztecs also used cacao seeds as a form of currency since they believe that cacao seeds were a gift from Quetzalcoatl. Chocolates were first imaged or formed as a drink. The tribe believed that whoever drinks the chocolate drink will receive strength.

Years passed, and this chocolate drink has been bought to different countries all over the world. On the sixteenth century, it arrived in Europe. Europe added sugar to sweeten the drink, and because of that, chocolate drinks became popular throughout the society. Also, in the twentieth century, chocolate was made the official rations of the military soldiers in the United States.

As of today, it is still All about Chocolate and chocolate is the most popular and tasty snack. And it is also made into different forms such as bars, syrup, beverages, powder, and a lot more. Every century and year, chocolate improves its taste, looks, and everything we love about it. Sugar is added to every chocolate to sweeten the taste of it, but a lot of chocolates are still produced without sugar because a lot of people still like the natural taste of chocolate. But still, most found chocolates are found with sugar to lessen the bitterness so that even kids can enjoy it. Most chocolates are now in bars, chocolates bars are often used as prizes in parties, celebrations, especially in Easter. People put chocolate inside the Easter eggs and children would hunt it and find the chocolate as a prize.

Also, since most chocolates nowadays have sugar, parents are somehow strict or limiting their children on consuming chocolate. Some children get too energetic when they eat chocolate, while others encounter allergies and coughs because of eating chocolate.

Chocolates were formed decades ago, but until now, we enjoy the scrumptious taste of it. On my opinion, I think that chocolates will never disappear in our society because people bring new ideas on chocolate every decade, generation, and year. As Ideas are formed it is All about Chocolate.