Chocoholics -

Chocolate Stained Smile

There is chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, chocolate chip cookies, of course good old-fashioned candy bars and a whole lot more of chocolate recipes that we all enjoy and love. It is very easy to see that anything chocolate is and will always be enjoyed by most of the world’s population simply it being chocolate. Having a sweet tooth is not even necessary for a person to be a certified Chocoholic, one has just have to appreciate anything chocolate, whether it may the sweetest chocolate cake or a bitter dark chocolate bar. Although there are certain people that may have a certain preference to the type of chocolate they would rather consume, either sweet or bitter, chocolate lovers would always be chocolate lovers.

Some of children’s favorite snacks would chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cookies and chocolate candy bars, it is easy to see why children fancy these snacks aside from it being a fun tasty treat it is easy to handle, carry and most of all consume. Children being children it would always be in the bucket-loads, as chocolate usually for children is a snack that is readily made to share. One could easily argue that any true blue certified Chocoholic will always be a child at heart.

For dessert there can be chocolate cake, mousse, tarts and ice cream and it would not make a really big difference as for those who love and appreciate chocolate would be in a state of pure joy by just having chocolate for dessert. It is always a fun idea, especially at parties to mix in a chocolate dessert or two, to brighten and liven up social gatherings, as it is always so obvious that chocolate is a crowd pleaser and favorite. Not only that, chocolate is also a great conversation food and it well be enough to just sit around having a slice of chocolate cake and having a casual conversation with friends and the topic may even be, well… chocolate.

Most of all aside from being a great snack or party favorite, any Chocoholic would know that the best part about chocolate is that whether you are two years old or a hundred and two, chocolate will always be one of the best comfort foods you can come across. It will always lift up your spirits when you are feeling down in the dumps, it can brighten up a gloomy day but whatever the case may be, you may be feeling low or already up in the clouds, chocolate bitter or sweet will always put a chocolate stained smile on a person’s face.