Andy Anand Sugar Free 40 pcs Italian Amaretti Almond Cookies 8 flavors

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  • 🍫SIGNATURE ANDY ANAND SUGAR FREE AMARETTI COOKIES: Flavors are Classic, Peach, Blueberries & Hazelnut Chocolate. Amaretti cookies are one of the most beloved Italian treats that were supposedly invented in the middle ages. Named after the Italian “amaro,” meaning bitter in reference to the bitter almonds or apricot kernels they contain, amaretti cookies vary from soft to crispy. Soft amaretti cookies are naturally gluten-free biscuits that mainly consist of almond flour, egg whites.

  • 🍫Andy Anand Presents Sugar Free Amaretti Cookies from La Pasticceria, Sicily, Italy. The most authentic and simply the best in the world. La Pasticceria, have been making Amaretti Cookies for over 200 years and are being run by 5th generation descendants. All Amaretti Cookies are not the same La Pasticceria, in Sicily stands out with long lines just to Get into the bakery. This is only Available in the U.S.A at Andy Anand.

  • 🍫CRUNCHY & SOFT: Andy Anand Amaretti Cookies are traditional Italian treats made with an original Sicilian recipe consisting of ground Almond and egg whites. Each cookie is baked to perfection to provide a satisfyingly crisp texture and balanced flavor, all brought to you in a beautiful Gift box packaging with each cookie wrapped individually.

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Customer Reviews

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Cindy Ward

Great taste and its the best in sugar free


Arrived on time, fresh tasting, great for dipping in beverages, coffee, tea, etc. My husband ate a whole box and I am ordering more.

Prish Daniel

The real deal Italian cookies—and fresh!
These are great! The first cookies I ordered that are close to what I get when visiting New York. They even have the faint smell of an Italian bakery in Brooklyn with the same taste. The packing was good and handled with care. But, since these cookies are so soft, they did have some crumbs. I experience the same thing bringing cookies back on an airplane. They are super soft and tasty.