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Vegan Dark Chocolate Covered California Ginger

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  • Our chocolate covered ginger just might be one of the best ways to enjoy ginger. Pure diced ginger pieces are drenched in smooth chocolate. The ginger is sweet with a signature kick of spice. The chocolate ties everything together for an indulgent treat.
  • Sink your teeth into our delectable organic chocolate ginger! Big chunks of organic crystallized ginger are generously rolled in smooth semisweet chocolate. Every ingredient is Certified Organic, which just sweetens the deal. Organic chocolate ginger is the ultimate afternoon decadence.
  • All Fruits are picked up fresh from Andy Anand Farms, and each Bite has a distinct fresh Taste. Each Batch is Handmade and dipped in Premium Chocolate in Small quantity to bring out the taste Just image the wonderful and tasty combinations ginger being covered in chocolate.