Andy Anand Sugar Free Gummy Bears Mixed Flavors - 1 lbs

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● SO JUICY. SO GOOD: You will not feel that they are Sugar Free. You know 'em, love 'em, now get your hands on some Andy Anand Gummy Bears. Made with real fruit juice, fat-free & gluten-free, each little gummy bear is as delicious as the last & the resealable bag keeps them fresh. These gummy bears are for kids & kids at heart. Soft & gummy fruit flavored candy full of authentic juicy flavor you'll feel good about. Go ahead, treat yourself!

● TASTE THE DIFFERENCE: Sugar Free with Cherry, Strawberry, Green Apple, Pineapple, Lemon, & Orange. What makes Andy Anand gummies so good? They have real fruit juice, so each gummy bear, chew, or fruit snack is soft, chewy, & fruity. So Juicy You'll love the juicy goodness. Add a moment of fun to your day with Andy Anand Gummies.

● PERFECT SNACK: Fat free, gluten free, and dairy free, e assorted gummy candies are your new perfect sweet and soft snack. ALLERGY FRIENDLY: Peanut free, tree nut free, dairy free, MSG free, gluten free, and with no artificial sweeteners, Sweet gummies, giant flavor. Low sodium.

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