Andy Anand Sugar Free Gummy Bears Mixed Flavors - 1 lbs

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● SO JUICY. SO GOOD: You will not feel that they are Sugar Free. You know 'em, love 'em, now get your hands on some Andy Anand Gummy Bears. Made with real fruit juice, fat-free & gluten-free, each little gummy bear is as delicious as the last & the resealable bag keeps them fresh. These gummy bears are for kids & kids at heart. Soft & gummy fruit flavored candy full of authentic juicy flavor you'll feel good about. Go ahead, treat yourself!

● TASTE THE DIFFERENCE: Sugar Free with Cherry, Strawberry, Green Apple, Pineapple, Lemon, & Orange. What makes Andy Anand gummies so good? They have real fruit juice, so each gummy bear, chew, or fruit snack is soft, chewy, & fruity. So Juicy You'll love the juicy goodness. Add a moment of fun to your day with Andy Anand Gummies.

● PERFECT SNACK: Fat free, gluten free, and dairy free, e assorted gummy candies are your new perfect sweet and soft snack. ALLERGY FRIENDLY: Peanut free, tree nut free, dairy free, MSG free, gluten free, and with no artificial sweeteners, Sweet gummies, giant flavor. Low sodium.

● Andy Anand Chocolates are Gluten-Free.

Yes, pure chocolate—made from roasted cacao beans—is gluten-free, we do not use Cheap fillers or additives. Andy Anand Chocolates are pure Single Origin Chocolates without fillers. All our Dark Chocolates are additionally Vegan with no Milk products.


Jelly and rubbery like you’d expect, yet crackling and sweet but sugar free as a twist. These chocolate covered gummy bears are made in just the right way to give a unique and pleasant balance of sweetness; being sugar free. Our gummy chocolates are sure to bring some excitement to your mouth and a mini disco filled party of colour, flavour, and joy to your dancing tongue and drumming teeth to the beat of the sweet. Our chocolate covered gummies are the perfect treats for snacking occasionally on and you really can’t miss out on this delight. Made by the loving and passionate hands of  our chocolatiers from fresh ingredients you are sure to be feasting on the best of these there are out there.  Andy Anand chocolates are guaranteed to be delivered fresh and at the right temperature to their destination. Wrapped in a box of the colour of a summer’s day sky with air drenched in soothing moisture and delocalised white clouds. The box smiles back at the receiver in anticipation for the adventure the treat is about to send you on! These would make a suitable addition in a cookie gift basket. Additionally, it's a great valentine day chocolate gift, Mother day chocolate gifts, Father day chocolate gifts, Christmas day chocolate gifts, or chocolate gifts for women, gifts for children. Other occasions like birthday parties (especially CHILDREN’S) and halloween are sure to be ideal. Go on and grab a few and fill your box with wonderful goodness to savour and enjoy. For yourself, or the lucky individual to receive such a pleasant gift. What magical world of flavour and chocolate decadence is this treat going to transport you? A happy place of joy and pleasure? Or an exciting and invigorating place of adventure and laughter! You will never go wrong with our product. Get yourself a pound or a few, share these with friends or family and spread joy! 

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