Andy Anand Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Peppermint Patties - 1 lbs

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● Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! Sugar Free, smooth, minty center coated in Dark Belgian Chocolate. Our premium Sugar Free Chocolates are so decadently delicious that they'll be remembering this gift long after its gone. All made fresh in our own chocolate kitchens. A great gift for the Holiday season or any occasion.

● Satisfy your sweet cravings with this unique sugar free dark chocolate peppermint patties, basket of one pound & great gift for all occasions mother & fathers day, wedding, thanksgiving, halloween, christmas.

● All our products come with unconditional warm Weather Guarantee, email us the image and we will send you FREE replacement. Free Super Saver Shipping are available on most Andy Anand products between October and April each year. Between May and September, all orders are shipped in temperature-controlled packaging.

The artistic expression of the care and tenderness that goes into the making of our chocolate is expressed in the abstract yet consistent patterns found on the surface of this sugar free dark chocolate peppermint patties infused with a touch of love and refreshing peppermint core that is sure to leave you chilled AF. You don’t get chiller than chilled AF. Made with luxurious Dark Belgian Chocolate these sugar free vegan peppermint bark are the best peppermint bark there are out there. They are a perfect match to white chocolate peppermint bark and delivering both of these as a gift to a loved one or yourself is a loving expression of gratitude and generosity. These do indeed make great gifts as Andy Andand chocolates arrive fresh and cool to chill you out and snack on at any time. These make them a perfect gift. Our sugar free bark with peppermint would make a suitable addition in a cookie gift basket or a dessert basket for a chocolate dessert the whole family will enjoy. Additionally, it's a great valentine day chocolate gift, Mother day chocolate gifts, Father day chocolate gifts, Christmas day chocolate gifts, chocolate gifts for women, men, and children. Other occasions like Halloween, weddings and thanksgiving are sure to be ideal. Go on and grab a few and fill your box with wonderful goodness to savour and enjoy. For yourself, or the lucky individual to receive such a pleasant gift. What magical world of flavour and chocolate decadence is this treat going to transport you! Everyone is sure to be travelling to some magical place with this treat, a place like home! You will never go wrong with our product! Go on and get yourself a pound or a few.

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