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Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Covered California Almonds

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  • Delicious Dark Chocolate covered California Almonds, Vegan, with No Sugar Added under several layers of Dark chocolate Complementary flavors come together beautifully in these rich chocolates. No artificial colors or flavors. Just pure enjoyment.
  • GIFT BOXED - Premium California Almonds covered Dark Chocolate. Taste in every Bite, handmade in small batches, premium skillfully crafted with delectable Nut, artistically decorated and thoughtfully packaged A box of chocolates from Andy Anand is a special treat that will delight your senses in every way. High quality natural ingredients and Fruits are from Andy Anand Farms hand-picked. No artificial flavorings or preservatives are added.
  • GOURMET AND FRESH EVERY TIME: Our Organic Certified Products are grown and hand-picked in our own Andy Anand Farms in Canada and the USA. Handcrafted from only premium, natural ingredients.