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Premium Belgian White Chocolate covered Raisins

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  • GREAT GIFT FOR ALL OCCASIONS: Plush 8 inch Teddy Bear is included and makes a wonderful gift for any occasion, any season, and anyone aged 1 to 100 years old. It's a well-known fact: the feeling of reassurance and comfort Teddy Bears bring to life is like no other. Snuggling with your Teddy Bear from Andy Anand Chocolates is pure joy that's guaranteed for life!
  • Give a romantic gift this year with our Yogurt Chocolate Covered Raisin With Teddy Bear. Our chocolate-covered raisins have thick, rich yogurt chocolate on the outside and plump, juicy California raisins on the inside.
  • Chocolate covered Raisins is a gourmet dessert or snack popular chocolate dipped sweets. They are a delicious treat that everyone will appreciate.
  • Your partner will be delighted at the chance to eat something new and exotic that they rarely get to try. It will break up the normal routine of their week and love you for being creative.