Andy Anand Old Fashioned Sugar Free Salt Water Taffy - 1 lbs

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  • Try old fashioned Salt Water Taffy in an array of colors and flavors.  It is easy to enjoy this nostalgic treat while following a sugar-free lifestyle. If you're looking for sugar free taffy look no further! They don't taste sugar free at all and are simply delicious.

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  • PREMIUM: Skillfully crafted with delectable Fruits & Nuts, artistically decorated and thoughtfully packaged, a box of chocolates from Andy Anand is a special treat that will delight your senses in every way. High quality natural ingredients and Fruits are from Andy Anand Farms hand-picked. No artificial flavorings, great gift for all occasions: Birthdays, Valentines Day, Easter, Anniversary, Clients, Customers, Colleagues, Thinking of you, Sympathy, Get-well, Condolence, or any Occasion.

A superb office snack that’ll get your coworkers huddled around your desk in masses on this sweet colossus. The legendary SUGAR FREE chocolate covered toffee is an ideal snack for any occasion even those as mundane as waiting for an elevator. This colourfest of flavour bursts in your mouth is sure to please you in ways you find hard to imagine and we find hard to articulate. Find out what world awaits you by purchasing this delectable treat.  Made by hands that care and love with passion and commitment to the craft of chocolate making, our SUGAR FREE Taffy is made to bring joy and pleasure in a fresh pack delivered to your desired location. This SUGAR FREE candy bar makes for a perfect gift each wrapped in its own little bag, and the whole thing in a cute little blue box. These would make a suitable addition in a cookie gift basket. Additionally, it's a great valentine day chocolate gift, Mother day chocolate gifts, Father day chocolate gifts, Christmas day chocolate gifts, or chocolate gifts for women. People who dislike sugar but love sweet treats will adore this one! Other occasions like birthday parties and halloween are sure to be ideal. Go on and grab a few and fill your box with wonderful goodness to savour and enjoy. For yourself, or the lucky individual to receive such a pleasant gift. What magical world of flavour and chocolate decadence is this treat going to transport you? A happy place of joy and pleasure? Or an exciting and invigorating place of adventure and laughter! You will never go wrong with our product. Get yourself a pound or a few, share these with friends or family and spread joy!

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