Andy Anand Lightly Sugared Pastel Australian Licorice - 1 lbs

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● We start with soft licorice centers made with extract from the licorice root. The centers are coated in a thin sugar shell flavored with natural and artificial licorice flavor enhanced with oil of anise. Pastel shades of Pink, Yellow, Lavender, Green, Peach, and White ensure pleasant eye appeal. A must have for those with a licorice clientele. This product is made with less sugar than others on the market to provide a more pleasurable eating experience.. Taste in every Bite, handmade in small batches, to create that unique taste not found in any mass produced Chocolates

● Satisfy your sweet cravings with this unique Pastel Australian Licorice chocolate, basket of one pound & great gift for all occasions mother & fathers day, wedding, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas.

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