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Dark Chocolate Blueberry With Jasmine Tea

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  • Our dry roasted Blueberries are the perfect on-the-go snack, plus they taste great with drinks. Each blueberry nut is delicately smothered in a delicious Vegan Chocolate after which they are skillfully packaged with free Jasmine Tea to ensure that while your chocolates remain fresh and tasty up until you have the last bite, you also enjoy the refreshing goodness of free Jasmine Tea.
  • Imagining how wonderful and tasty the combination of Roasted Blueberries covered in Delicious chocolate is enticing, but we would rather you tried it. It’s Fresher Than Fresh and perfect for sharing.
  • Andy Anand Chocolate (Cocoa) is from a single Origin (a Farm in Brazil). They all have the same distinct Taste, based on environmental factors like the soil, climate, and rainfall. Making it healthier than the Mass Factory Produced Chocolates we have today. We liken each cocoa pod harvested to Single Malt Scotch made from Single Barleys infused with lots of love.