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Organic Delicious Dark Chocolate covered Dried Figs - 1 lbs

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  • Our dark chocolate are almost too good to be true. !! Plump dried figs are smothered in luxurious dark chocolate, the sweet temptations of chocolate covered snacks are very hard to resist. Many individuals can enjoy savoring various types of snacks to help satisfy their inner chocoholic.
  • Just image the wonderful and tasty combinations being covered in chocolate. This is a perfect chocolate for you because of the nutritional value that you can get from figs.
  • Andy Anand Dark Chocolate Covered Figs are one of our customers favorite. Result is Amazing mouthwatering Delicacies.
  • All Fruits are picked up fresh from Andy Anand Farms, and each Bite has a distinct fresh Taste. Each Batch is Handmade and dipped in Premium Chocolate in Small quantity to bring out the taste.