Andy Anand Belgian Lemon Cream coated Coconut Bar

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  • Anand Famous Lemon Cream drenched coconut bar in delicious milk Chocolate. Absolutely delicious! Made with no artificial colors or flavors. Perfect anytime snack. The ultimate movie night must have! The sweet temptations of chocolate-covered snacks are very hard to resist. Many individuals can enjoy savoring various types of snacks to help satisfy their inner chocoholic. – Kosher Certified. DELECTABLE SWEET TASTE. Taste in every Bite, handmade in small batches, to create that unique taste.
  • Satisfy Your Sweet Cravings With This Unique Belgian Lemon Cream coated Coconut Bar, Basket Of One Pound With A Beautiful Greeting Card & Great Gift For All Occasions Mother & Father Day, Wedding, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas.

It’s a hot spring evening , the sky is clear and the sun shines golden at 45 degrees from the horizon. You’re young and running through a field of yellow sunflowers. All you feel is the moment and the sensation of bliss and joy. The Belgian Lemon Cream Coated Coconut Bar chocolate is designed to emulate such an invigorating sensation. One bite from these and you are back in the garden of sun-filled joy and lemon rain. Each yellow-rain-droplet delivers a white cloud of coconut and sweetness to your pallet pores. Rejuvenating your feel for the moment of sweetness and pleasure. Handmade from natural ingredients, with no artificial flavouring or colourants you are sure to be eating from the hands of our lady of kindness: nature. Wrapped in the colour of the day sky, you are sure to be in awe as soon as you receive this chocolate bar right to when the box finally empties. The box smiles at you from afar, in anticipation of your excitement, joy and pleasure at feasting on these treats. This candy bar is for everyone to enjoy - making it a perfect gift for any occasion.  These would make a suitable addition in a cookie gift basket. Additionally, it's a great valentine day chocolate gift, Mother day chocolate gifts, Father day chocolate gifts, Christmas day chocolate gifts, chocolate gifts for children. Other occasions like Halloween are sure to be ideal. Go on and grab a few and fill your box with wonderful goodness to savour and enjoy. For yourself, or the lucky individual to receive such a pleasant gift. What magical world of flavour and chocolate decadence is this treat going to transport you? You will never go wrong with our product! 

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