Bolsa del Amor : Surtido de bombones 3 oz

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Votado No.1 "El Mejor Dulce Gourmet En California" Famosamente Fundado En Chino, Andy Anand Creó Las Trufas, Bombones, Pralinés, Dragee Más Deliciosos Del Mundo. Si usted está buscando una caja verdaderamente especial de chocolates de lujo para dar, dar a esa persona especial, empleado o cliente un regalo que les encantará - su propia elección de lujo Andy Anand Gourmet Confection.

Customer Reviews

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Donald Wert
Really like this mix

You should sell this in larger 1lb bags or it.

Christine K
Incomparably delicious sugarfree chocolate mix

For those of us who don't eat sugar but love chocolate, this is a heavenly solution to our dilemma. Amazing assortment of crunchy, creamy, light and dark chocolate confections. Some with nuts, others filled with fruit or coffee beans. Each one is a delight and a surprise.

What an incredible bargain! Love, love, love the quality of these chocolates. There are some abysmal sugar-free chocolates out there -- so happy to have discovered Andy Anand as the scrumptious alternative. <3


You sent me the wrong things