White Chocolate Gift Baskets And Other Gourmet White Chocolate Gifts

If dark chocolate is pure chocolate and healthy and milk chocolate is our favorite typical snack, what about white chocolates? White chocolate may be said as impostors of dark and milk chocolates, but it is also a tasty and delightful snack. White chocolate are made of cocoa butter, milk solids, sugar and a fatty substance called lecithin, usually chocolates contain cocoa solids which white chocolates don’t contain, so in my opinion, white chocolate is not really deserving to be called chocolates because number one, white chocolate has no real cocoa content and number two, it’s just a big bar of sugar and fats. So if it isn’t healthy, what could be its effect on us when we eat it? That’s what we’re going to find out.

In 1930, a famous chocolate company nowadays had been the one to first discover and produce white chocolate. Cocoa butter, the only cocoa ingredient in white chocolate, did not taste very well as cocoa butter itself, so chocolate manufacturers decided to add a lot of sugar, milk, and other sweeteners to cocoa butter to make it worth eating. White chocolate are made up of 60% fats and sugar, so why not choose milk chocolate instead with 50% fats and sugar, or maybe better, choose dark chocolate that only has 25% sugar and fats, it can also reduce our chance of having heart diseases, and it is very rich in antioxidants.

White chocolate are is not really that healthy indeed, in fact, it can be the completely opposite dark chocolates, if dark chocolates decreases your chance of having heart diseases, white chocolate  might increases it. One white chocolate bar contains 458 calories and 27.28 grams of fat. Gaining weight, tooth decay, and diabetes are also some result of white chocolate to you because of its high sugar content or 50.15 grams of sugar on every white chocolate bar. Also, eating too much sugar can leave minimal or no space for your diet.  But come on; let’s look on the bright side, white chocolate is also high in calcium because of its milk content, there are 169 milligrams of calcium in every bar of white chocolate that can help strengthen your bones and teeth. Calcium also supports the normal function of your heart, muscles, and nerves as well.

 So, would I recommend white chocolate? Yes of course, despite loads of fat and sugar for every bar, white chocolate has a big portion of calcium. And it is still a delicious treat and better to have some white chocolate every once in a while, I mean it’s not bad to have a bit of fun sometimes, right? Just don’t abuse your chances of eating chocolate, be responsible and conscious of your health especially when eating something sweet like white chocolate.  But while we’re young, let’s just a bar of white chocolate and share them with our friends.