Macaron Gift Baskets And Other Gourmet Macaron Gifts


Macarons are delectable and mouth-watering when we’re talking about sweet and yummy desserts. Its never-ending deliciousness is really the best especially when we get to have and try its different variety of flavors; macarons offers over 50 flavors of it, some popular macarons  flavor  are chocolate, orange blossom, vanilla, hazelnut, apricot, and a lot more that is worth devouring for. Macarons are just the best, it’s the suitable dessert for every meal and it’s a snack that everyone loves, but aren’t you wondering, what’s macarons secret behind its delightful taste?

Macarons were originated from Italy and were bought to France in 1533 by Catherine de Medici, a woman from Florence who was later married to the King of France during those times, King Henri II. Macarons became famous in France during the 16th century after a French chef had served macarons for King Louis XIV’s wedding, now, don’t be confused, macarons were really from Italy, it just became famous when it was brought to France and also, the way of making the meringues is different. The first macarons to be made was simple cookies that were made of sugar, almond flour, and egg whites, and it was derived from the Italian word maccherone which means fine dough. During the French Revolution in 1792, two Carmelite nuns in a town called Nancy in the north-eastern France, sold macarons to support them, however, their macarons were somehow different from us, their macarons had no filling.  After a period of time, many regions in France had adopted this type of recipe, but not until 1890, Pierre Desfontaines, a relative of a Parisian confectioner, had started adding buttercream, ganache, compote, and jams between the macarons, surprisingly, it also became famous. While in 2005, another Parisian confectioner La Maison Pierre Herme had founded the National Macaron Day as March 20.

Nowadays, macarons are made of egg whites, icing sugar, almond meal, granulated sugar, and food coloring. It’s dry and semi-hard crust is made by whisking the egg whites until it becomes stiff-peaked meringue like forms, then that’s when the other ingredients are added or folded into the mixture like sugar and almond meal, after it food coloring is added to make the macarons look more flavorful, it is then placed inside a oven and baked to make the meringue a semi-hard like crust. Then, the flavored cream is piped onto one flat surface of the meringue then sandwiched by another sandwiched by another meringue, and there you have your own macarons for yourself.

Now, macarons are made, bought, and enjoyed by different people and countries all over the world, they even celebrate the National Macaron Day every March 20! I should say macarons are one of the ever unique and one-of-a-kind snacks invented in this world. Macarons can be the dessert when it comes to delicate meals, not only a dessert, but also a  great gift to the people you love, macarons is a new snack to introduce and give to kids, and a really perfect snack for everyone.