Home Made Brittle

Worldwide favorite Home Made Brittle Gift Baskets 

Hand-made brittle is commonly known for its sweet and nutty taste; it mostly consists of sugar and different varieties of nuts like almonds, pecans, peanuts, or any nuts that suits your idea or mood. You could also add some flavors to hand-made brittle, for example, chocolates, cookies, and other more sweets. Hand-made brittle is made for different purposes, hand-made brittle could be a souvenir from a place you’ve been to or from a party, a snack for everyone at home, or even gifts to your friends and family during the holidays and gift-giving seasons. Hand-made brittle is a very popular holiday gift.

Hand-made brittle aren’t just known for their good and satisfying taste; of course they wouldn’t be called hand-made brittle if they weren’t hand-made, right? Now, if you’re thinking they’re made bare-handed, you’re taking it too serious. Hand-made means homemade or freshly made it means it’s traditionally made. One popular place for hand-made brittle is in England. Their hand-made brittle is a very famous snack. British like hand-made brittle as snacks or eat them with their teas and a lot of hand-made brittle brands are widely-available in the UK.  Another place called Baguio in the Philippines is famous for creating hand-made brittle. Hand-made brittle are popular in Baguio because it is one of the food souvenirs or take-home food that you could bring home and share with your friends and family. Also, one food manufacturer at Baguio is known for their good work, children personally made the food like hand-made brittle, Ube jam, and a lot more, every time you purchase their products you help them send themselves to college, that’s why it’s a bit overpriced, but you know, it’s worth it though, at least you’re helping.

If hand-made brittle is hand-made, why don’t you try it yourself then? Hand-made brittle is very easy to make some and I’m sure it’ll turn out delicious as heaven. You can start cooking  hand-made brittle by combining roasted peanuts or any type of your choice as long as it’s roasted, butter, and baking soda into a bowl. Now, into a saucepan, you must combine sugar, corn syrup, and water, but don’t stir it. Set it at medium fire and it should turn into a homogeneous mixture any second, while waiting, you must bring the first mixture you did close to you, so you could be quick in adding it. You must set the fire into 300 degrees Fahrenheit after the mixture develops an amber-like color. After it, you may add the remaining ingredients from the first bowl immediately because if not, the baking soda will cause the mixture to foam upwards instantly. After giving it a nice stir, lay it flat down a pan with parchment paper so it won’t stick. Let the  hand-made brittle cool down for about 15 minutes, once it’s off the heat, the cooling process will be quick. When it hardens, you may now shard it into pieces, and there you have your very own favorite snack hand-made brittle!