Toffee Nuts Gift Baskets And Other Gourmet Toffee Nuts Gifts

At Andy Anand Toffee we use my Grandmother's century-old recipe. Our Old Fashioned Toffee is hand made in real copper kettles, stirred gently with huge wooden paddles, then hand stretched on marble tables to produce the best Toffee. The Toffee is one of those Southern candies you just can't get enough of. Our old Fashioned English Toffee is dusted with grated almonds - a family favorite for generations. A new take on tradition. Our unique recipes combine tradition and creativity with. superior ingredients. Our toffees are luxuriously textured with heavenly consistency.

Despite their twin-like characteristics, caramel and toffee are brothers with different mothers. ... “Caramel is sugar and cream or milk, with butter occasionally in the mix.” Caramel is cooked at a lower temperature, about 248 degrees Fahrenheit, while toffee is heated up to about 300 Fahrenheit to make it crunchy

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