Andy Anand Sugar Free Milk Chocolate Covered Peanuts

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  • DELICIOUS Succulent & Divine, Roasted Peanuts enrobed in Milk Chocolate Sugar Free. Infused with love and Care, each batch made warmly by Hand.
  • PREMIUM: Skillfully crafted with delectable Fruits & Nuts, artistically decorated and thoughtfully packaged, a box of chocolates from Andy Anand is a special treat that will delight your senses in every way. High quality natural ingredients and Fruits are from Andy Anand Farms hand-picked. No artificial flavorings or preservatives are added.
  • {FREE PERSONALIZED GIFT MESSAGE}  Your Thoughtful, Loving Or Funny Gift Message Will Be Printed On Dried Flower Greeting Card For Each And Every Package Special Event Such As Thank You Anniversary Thinking Of You Condolences Get Well Sympathy Thanksgiving Christmas Holiday.
  • To make our milk chocolate-covered Peanuts we pair peanuts from Andy Anand Farms with Decadent and Delicious chocolate! The combination results in one fabulous chocolatey delight. Milk Chocolate fans need look no further than these Chocolate covered Peanuts.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Your satisfaction is paramount to us. Email us with any issues with the product or the delivery. We have satisfied customers over 30 years and value your relationship.
  • Andy Anand Chocolates are Gluten-Free. 
    Yes, pure chocolate—made from roasted cacao beans—is gluten-free, we do not use Cheap fillers or additives. Andy Anand Chocolates are pure Single Origin Chocolates without fillers. All our Dark Chocolates are additionally Vegan with no Milk products.  
  • Make a Difference: Our Focus Is To Make A Difference, A Little Difference That We Can Make In Someone's Life. All Of Our Profits Go To Run Schools And Non Profit Activities at Education without Boundaries, a 501(c)(3). All of us are here On This Planet For A Little While, Let's Make A Difference While We Are Here. Strive For One Difference Daily, Make 1 Difference In Someone's Life Or Plant 1 Flower. Let's make this little world a better place, 1 step every Day.


A well-deserved gift that comes in thoughtful and elegant wrapping, emanating the human touch and warm hands that went into making this delicious product. The Sugar-Free Milk Chocolate Covered Peanuts are a treat for any occasion. The crunchy peanuts are meticulously paired with delicious sugar-free chocolate and a touch of sweet love with some dash of colour, fun and vibrance. Feasting on this is not just a physical experience of taste and scent, but an emotional wave of joy and satisfaction. You will not be disappointed by the taste, though sugar-free. It's a smooth ride of wonder that will leave you feeling like a child all over again, at least for as long as you are feasting on this delicacy. There’s a galaxy of wonder out there and if you are looking for the Milky Way, you are sure to find it in our sugar-free milk chocolate covered peanuts. Each batch of these is made with love and hand-picked fresh ingredients from Andy Anand farms. This delicacy has no added preservatives or artificial flavouring. You are guaranteed freshness from the loving and generous hand of nature herself. Furthermore, these sugar-free milk chocolate peanuts are made by hand so each piece is thoughtfully and meticulously made to deliver the highest quality and taste that will leave you chucking these sugar-free chocolate-covered peanuts in your mouth, down your throat like rocks flowing downstream in a valley after being crunched of their sweetness by your teeth and tongue. Be sure to buy yourself or a loved one a pack of a pound or more and take a joyfully visceral trip down the Milky Way. If you are a milk chocolate fan, then this product is surely your winning team because you can never go wrong here.


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