Gluten Free Turkish Delight Nougat & Malban, Flown from Turkey Fresh by Air, In wooden Gift Box

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  • Specialty - Vegan, Halal, Gluten Free, No Meat, No Milk
  • DELICIOUS GOURMET TURKISH & LEBANESE DELIGHT WITH PISTACHIO: Amazing Taste From The Middle East Which Is Soft, Fresh And Full Of Pistachio Inside - Gluten & Dairy Free - Vegan & Halal Food & Pareve (Contains No Meat Or Milk Or Its Derivatives) -No Additives Or Preservatives -Made With Original Beet Root Sugar (No Glucose Syrup) Pistachios & Apricot Nougat, Pomegranate, Sesame, Pistachios Malban, Individually Wrapped.
  • Our Focus Is To Make A Difference, A Little Difference That We Can Make In Someone's Life. All Of Our Profits Go To Run Schools And Non Profit Activities at Education without Boundaries, a 501(c)(3). All of us are here On This Planet For A Little While, Let's Make A Difference While We Are Here. Strive For One Difference Daily, Make 1 Difference In Someone's Life Or Plant 1 Flower. Let's make this little world a better place, 1 step every Day.


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