Chocolate Bark Gift Baskets And Other Gourmet Gift Baskets

The best thing about chocolates is that they’re really delectable and easy to eat, but have you ever wondered about adding other sweets and nuts to a good-tasting chocolate? Well, there are chocolates like this, and they’re called chocolate bark. What is chocolate bark? You may ask.

Chocolate bark is simply a piece of chocolate that has an addition of different varieties of nuts and sweets, for example, pistachio, almonds, M&M’s, and other candies and nuts that are able to add to the chocolate mixture. Chocolate bark variety is now produced by manufacturers of chocolate and sweets, commonly, these famous chocolate manufacturers add different varieties of nuts on their chocolate bark. But isn’t it weird? Why is it called chocolate bark? The word ‘bark’ is used in the treat chocolate bark because they are comparing the semi-hard layer of sweets and nuts to the tree skin or commonly known as body or bark of the tree. Chocolate bark can be a creative gift for the people you love on a holiday, instead of giving them the simple old chocolate, why not try a new variety of chocolate bark and share it with everyone else? I’m sure no one can resist trying and having another one of a chocolate bar with their all-time favorite candies and nuts on it, even I myself can’t. Also, why not make children have some of chocolate bark? We all know that children love candies and sweets; they all have their own favorites, so why wouldn’t they want all their favorites in just one bite? Think of it, wouldn’t they love the idea of chocolate plus candies? Even my child version would love it; seriously, chocolate bark would be my best dream ever.

Enough with these chocolate bark ideas, I’m getting hungry here, so why don’t I tell you how to make your own chocolate bark at home? You would have easy access to your chocolate bark sweet cravings and hunger if you knew. First of all in making a chocolate bark you need your solid chocolate, any flavor and brand you want will do, second most, you’ll need the favorite sweets or nuts you’ll add to make it called bark. Now, here’s what we’ll do, first on the procedure is melting your solid chocolate, you’ll need the right temperature to have to melt the whole chocolate entirely. The easiest way possible to melt chocolates, is putting it at the oven with the temperature between 104 and 113 degrees Fahrenheit. If no oven, you could use your stove, you could just put the chocolate in a cauldron and stir it while it’s melting, and this is the most effective way to make your chocolate melt entirely with no solid remains. Once you’ve melted your chocolate, you must spread it into a thin layer and add all the toppings you want to; the sky is the limit. Now, let the chocolate bark cool down at a room with the temperature of 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit, chocolate bark cools down and harden in 3-5 minutes then; you have your own delicious home-made chocolate bark to enjoy!