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Premium California Coffee Espresso Beans covered with Rich Dark Chocolate in a Gift Box – 1 lbs


  • Dark chocolate covered espresso beans are hand-picked estate Arabica espresso beans smothered in 60% cacao dark chocolate. Crunchy and decadent, this is the ultimate treat for coffee and chocolate lovers alike.
  • It’s the combination of great texture and multiple great flavors. You get that unmistakable espresso taste, and the great taste of chocolate.
  • These really cannot be beat. you get the crunch from the bean, the richness of the chocolate, and it’s all combined into one masterful bite.
  • Each Batch is Handmade and dipped in Premium Chocolate in Small quantity to bring out the taste. Result is Amazing mouthwatering Delicacies.
  • People who have discovered the taste of chocolate covered coffee beans can positively say there is nothing more sinfully, tasty and a treat with this combination.


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  • Chocolate is delicious. For most, it occupies an exalted position other sweet treats only dream of achieving. It’s surprising to think, then, that all the glorious nuances present in cacao beans—the ingredient that sets chocolate apart from other sugary snacks—are actually quite foreign to our modern palates. This is because large-scale factory operations, not nature, have dictated the flavor of chocolate over the last 50 years. The mass production relies on homogeneity over nuance, and most manufacturers both mix and over-roast their cacao beans so that every bar tastes just like its machine-packaged brothers and sisters.
  • The result of this process is chocolate that merely alludes to the flavor most of us crave. With the help of Andy Anand Chocolate that emphasizes, instead of homogenizes, the exquisite flavor of cacao. Andy Anand takes special care to tailor to the flavor of the beans they source, ensuring that each mouthful is laden with something our taste buds have been yearning for—the flavor of real chocolate.
  • The rich taste and flavor of Andy Anand’s Chocolate have helped him to win the crowning glory and to achieve the best tasting Chocolate. Their chocolates are satisfactory as gifts in any kind of celebration or special occasions or in one word to treat everybody anytime.
  • Thanks for Helping Children
  • As a part of our philanthropic efforts 15% of the sales proceeds are donated to Schools where children are given free education. Over 2 million Dollars have already been donated.
  • Make a Difference in a Child’s life. !!!


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