The secret to Handmade Chocolate

The art of making chocolate has dramatically changed for the past several years. Making handmade chocolate was an art way before the 70’s. However, this was lost when the westerner entered the scene. The secret of making Handmade Chocolate is very simple. With handmade you are assured that someone is putting great care into the Read more about The secret to Handmade Chocolate[…]

The Right Chocolate for You

Chocolate. The number one most addicting, the most tempting, the most irresistible and most delicious type of sweets in the entire world. it is that one type of edible substance that you could not just say no. it’s always yes when you’re in front of a mouth-watering gourmet chocolate, no doubt about that. Anyone would Read more about The Right Chocolate for You[…]

The Taste Behind Hand Made Chocolate

There are lots of extremely friendly chocolatiers around the world, who make tasty chocolate . A minority of them put that extra bit of tender love and care in, and only make handmade chocolates. Others go even further and refuse to put any artificial preservatives in. Unless you’ve treated yourself to fresh, handmade chocolate, you Read more about The Taste Behind Hand Made Chocolate[…]