Eating healthy with chocolates!

When most people think of health food they don’t automatically think of chocolate. But the proof is in the pudding, or the souffle or cake – depending on your preference. Chocolate, no matter what it’s form, can actually be considered a health food. Indulging in your favorite Healthy Premium Chocolates can bring a variety of Read more about Eating healthy with chocolates![…]

Treating yourself with a healthy chocolate alternative

Let’s face it everybody loves chocolate! Children, teenagers, adults, senior citizens, virtually everybody! No wonder why it is so popular. Chocolate is a symbol of love. Because love is sweet, a feeling that is it very hard to explain. Just like chocolate. Can you explain someone what does chocolate tastes like? Sure, you can say, it is Read more about Treating yourself with a healthy chocolate alternative[…]

Special Chocolate Treat for the holidays

Are you looking for a special treat to give to someone as a Christmas present? Chocolate is something everyone loves and to give someone a unique designed truffle box with your greeting on it or your own picture really makes it something out of the ordinary. After all, this is a holiday where you want Read more about Special Chocolate Treat for the holidays[…]

The Best way to give chocolates

The great thing about boxed Chocolate Gift Ideas is that you almost never have to worry about your recipients not liking it. There are so many chocolate products that you can literally use chocolate for a thank you gift for a friend that helped you move to a gift to a corporate client that just signed Read more about The Best way to give chocolates[…]

Buying Gourmets chocolates

If you’re looking for a great gift for someone with a sophisticated palate, Gourmet Chocolates can be the answer for you. Gourmet chocolates offer excellent solutions for any gift giving occasions. This holiday ditch the mass-produced chocolates in the candy aisle at your local grocery and opt for the real stuff to put a smile Read more about Buying Gourmets chocolates[…]

All About Chocolate

What’s the difference between bittersweet chocolate and semisweet chocolate? Can I use Dutch cocoa in all my recipes calling for cocoa? Understanding the difference in chocolate and how they are used is essential to baking. In this guide, we’ll identify the characteristics of those chocolates used in baking. Cocoa is the dry chocolate powder derived from chocolate liquor. It comes in two types: natural and Read more about All About Chocolate[…]

The secret to Handmade Chocolate

The art of making chocolate has dramatically changed for the past several years. Making handmade chocolate was an art way before the 70’s. However, this was lost when the westerner entered the scene. The secret of making Handmade Chocolate is very simple. With handmade you are assured that someone is putting great care into the Read more about The secret to Handmade Chocolate[…]